Blog post 31…… east Texas treat

Anything more iconic then a Dairy Queen in east Texas ? Ours is clean and kind . Praise music playing and the football games on Fox .had a chili dog which was nearly a foot long with a soda . What a treat , my only complaint is the place was freezing ! I mean seemed like 60 degrees . DQ seems to have survived waves of change in our ever dynamic economy . That ice cream flavor is so unique it defies avoidance . Props to DQ 09.27.21….



Continued , my daughters assault , get your own lawyer . Blog post 30 ……

I’m moving quickly through these posts and am mindful of grammar errors . Frankly these posts are real and to the point . I do recall walking into the court room to a mass of humanity , the judge and Charles walking into the room in shackles and with a jump suit . Whatever was said is forgotten . I can’t recall . My meeting with the young DA is a blur , he lost me quickly . I froze at a certain word used to describe things . I told him to stop and concluded the meeting . I liked this guy but deferred to his complete candor and collapsed into myself . Never talk to a DA without your attorney present , he represents the commonwealth of pa , not your baby girl . His interests cover everything , yours a precious child . 09.24.2021

Resuming the tale of my daughters assault . Blog post 29

This part of the story is a blur , I mean a real surreal blur . Events don’t matter only shadows . Life disappears into a fog of reality. Like the dream you’re experiencing and you can’t wake up . Had one of those dreams last night and it disrupted my sleep . Shaved and hour of bliss off my rest ! more to follow just can’t muster the balance if the story . 9.22.2021

Blog post 27 . Meeting the DA…. Entering the world of CSI

What a stark difference between the empathetic counselors and nurses dealing with my daughter and cold hearted and event driven world of Law . It’s a lesson in the two isles broken apart by interests completely apart from one another . I could feel the temperature falling instantly when faced with this young DA . Oddly I liked him , respected his role but found myself aware he represented all parties . He played for the victim , assailant , judge , his supervisor and probably his own career . We had entered a sequel to our own episode and we were about to be played . 09.18.2021……. More to follow , blessings from east Texas

Blog post 26 my baby girls rape continued

Entering the judicial system isn’t any fun . The first steps were going to a counseling setting and relay the story . Like the hospital you’re with people trained in empathy and grace . I’ve got a sturdy respect for social workers they can work grace and squeeze a stone into a diamond . I’ve no clue what was said during the settings but was comfortable with the faculty and surroundings . It was a place where abused children could feel safe , relay the story and give the DA a chance to built a case . Little did I know the latter, there’s no blueprint granted to you , you’re moving into a fog of law . Law is blind , leaving this awesome place to the next steps would be a very dark path . 09.19.2021

A deviation from the norm . Blog post 25

I’m going to deviate from my narrative , FND can rob you of your independence . You may concede your SSDI to a spouse with good intentions but no vision . Plans but no track record . I’m furious at the moment and am greeted with a spider web of justification but no representation . I’m supplying most of the income but am out of the loop with its dispensation . I’ll chill out but this will take time . More to follow on my baby’s girls rape !…. 09.18.2021

Blog post 25 CHOP continues my daughters assault

Somehow I had a strange craving to eat in Philadelphia . It took a few minutes to get lost , we were outside the confines of the hospital . Stuck in Philly , I was befuddled about my location . Faith in the meantime vomited . I’d forgotten about our new life with a sexual assist victim . I felt stupid but had to figure out how to get out of South Philly . This would be the first adjust , many more to follow ….. 09.16.2021.